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13.5W Corrosion - Resistant Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Universal Adaptor
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Product: Views:213.5W Corrosion - Resistant Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Universal Adaptor 
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 Aroma Diffuser CE Certification Air Purifier Functions Universal Adaptor


Quick Detail:

Independent control of humidification, anion and night
Independent nozzle design
Infrared and non-infrared options


Main Functions and Characteristics:

1.1.7MHz ultrasonic atomizer, more fine fog.

Atomizer with special treatment, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant and suit all types of essential aroma oil.

2.Fog volume adjustment function: It can be adjust the fog volume that you need by turning the knob.

3.With anion (negative ion) function, for you to create a fresh, comfortable space.

4.Colorful LED night Light mode.

5.Three kinds of humidification mode and humanized design, to meet your different needs.

6.Independent control of humidification, anion and night light to meet your needs.

7.Independent nozzle design, for adjusting the spray fog direction.

8. Infrared and non-infrared options


Operation Guide:

  1. Open the cover, adding about 100-240ml of water, if add aroma oil, please join the appropriate amount of it, covered and connected to the power.

  2. After power on, turn the LED lights to the beating mode. Or you can refer to the LED function, adjusted to the lights you want.

  3. To open the anion, press left, then left light is yellow, which represents the negative ions are operation, then press the left button to turn off!

  4. To open the ultrasonic spray humidification function, press right, right on the light is blue light, the middle light is green, and turn the knob (clockwise), which represents ultrasonic operation, knob right was to adjust the amount of the fog, mist left a small amount of adjustment, the use of water after the tank if low, middle and right indicate the green light is not lit, this means the need to add water, add enough water, etc., then the right button, right and center lights are lit, spray humidification function return to work, If keep the fog off the amount before; when the water humidifier is turned off, or ultrasonic spray humidification function after recovery, timing model the jump back to the default mode of continuous spray!

  5. Negative ion, LED night light, humidifier timer mode is independent control, so you can choose according to your needs related functions. And functions choice is as the follows, press anion button, the indicator lights yellow, anion open. If not open anion, the light does not shine.


9 LED Lighting modes, as follows:

1)    Beating mode and the colors will be followed by the order cycle: Blue, green, red, red & blue, green & blue, green & red, and all bright.

2)    Blue

3)    Green

4)    Red

5)    Blue & Red

6)    Blue & Green

7)    Red & Green

8)    All light on

9)    All light off


Humidification Timing Mode

1)    Continuing operations (blue light on)

2)    Stop for 1 minute after 5 minutes working (red light on)

3)    Working 30 minutes and then stop for 30 minutes as a circle ( sleep mode, no light on)


Main Parameter:

Input Voltage: DC24V/650mA

Power: 13.5W

Atomizer Frequency: 1.7MHz

Anion Concentration: 3,000,000pcs/cm3

Humidification Volume: 20-80ml/H

Noise :<25DB

Product Size : (R) 126*180mm

Gift Box Size : 130*130*170mm


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